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Kay Rogers Park

@ 1993 Arkansas River Valley Lawn & Garden Show

2020 Show Speaker Bios

The 2020 speakers' biographies. Here you will find out a little about the speakers as we schedule them. Some come from long distances and others are right here in the Arkansas River Valley.


Berni Kurz

After earning his Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Arkansas in 1983, Berni served as Garland County Extension Agent--Agriculture/4-H for nearly 8 years, where in 1988 he along with 3 other agents piloted the UofA Cooperative Extension Service Master Gardener program in Arkansas and was a founding board member of the Arkansas Lawn and Garden Show.  In 1991 he moved to Crawford County as Extension Agent.  While in Van Buren, he was co-coordinator of the River Valley Master Gardener program and a founding member of the RVLawn & Garden show.  

Sherrie Smith

Sherrie Smith obtained her plant pathology degree at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.  Previously she had worked for the National Park Service and was a Missouri Nurseryman for 8 years.  Sherrie is the Plant Diagnostician for the state of Arkansas.  She receives samples of sick plants from all counties in Arkansas.  Additionally she has an APHIS permit that allows her to receive and diagnose samples from outside Arkansas.  Sick plants are examined, a diagnosis is rendered, and recommendations are offered.  Under her role of instructor, she provides trainings to County Extension Agents, Extension personnel and the public.  Sherrie takes her portable diagnostic lab to flower/garden shows, field days, and other special events.  A weekly newsletter detailing current disease problems is offered to county agents, Master Gardeners, and other interested parties during the growing season.